news, projects, Solar Struggle, website / November 18, 2014

Solar Struggle – Steam Release

Today I can write about something we have waited for so long: Solar Struggle is finally on Steam!
After four years of the first release of Solar Struggle on XBLIG and many votes and comments on Greenlight later we are finally there.

So what’s in it for you?
We want to celebrate the release of the game with you and all our supporters with improvements we made to the game. The former awards have been converted to Steam achievements, all in all you can get 37 of them now.
On top of that we added Steam achievements, trading cards, badges and other goodies to the Steam version.

But that’s not everything, we also decided to lower the price of the game to 5,99 USD permanently! So hit up Steam, buy Solar Struggle and have fun collecting achievements, trading cards and badges.
Thank you for the support and we hope you enjoy the game.

Link to the Steam store:
Link to our Solar Struggle group: Solar Struggle Facebook Page