business, development, news, projects, website / June 27, 2015

Some News

I just mentioned that we didn’t update the news on the page for a while. So here are some news what we are doing at the moment. 🙂

First of all we are working on a bigger project for a while. Perhaps you already read the news somewhere else. Our current project is “Autobahn Police Simulator”. This time the game is published by Aerosoft, a German publisher for simulations.

The game is a simulation of the work of Autobahn Police here in Germany. In other words the player can control the traffic, he is called to accidents and can control speed of the traffic. And of course in some cases the player pursuit some cars which try to escape. There are about 40 kilometers of highway in the game, so it takes some time to see all the game world.

The game release on the 23th July 2015 (in about four week) retail and on Steam. More information you can get on the page:

When the Steam store page go public we will post the link here or on our facebook page, too.

Furthermore we created a new package for Unity Asset Store. You can find it here.