Autobahn Police Simulator 3

Your police adventure continues in Autobahn Police Simulator 3! In a completely new world map you have more options to reach your goal: New Roadtypes, New Police Vehicle. Additionally you have new missions with improved or complete different gameplay like Gas Station Robbery. Prepare to go back on duty on the fastest civil roads in the world in Autobahn Police Simulator 3!


Key Features:

  • More than 10 special missions
  • Complex free play: random vehicle controls, random accident gameplay, broken down cars, robbery and more
  • Update your police station, your cars and your stats
  • Voice over: all dialogues feature elaborate voice-over work
  • Diverse different police vehicles
  • More than Autobahn: Different Roadtypes


Autobahn Police Simulator 3: Off-Road

Take on new missions in the expanded story mode and crack your cases with new gameplay mechanics such as evidence checks. In addition to the new story mode missions, “Off-Road” features an expanded free play mode with a variety of new accidents to respond to.

Chase down criminals in remote terrains with the help of your new team member: a dog! The keen sense of your loyal four-legged partner will help you to track down suspects and bring them to justice.

With the brand-new police vehicle designed specifically for off-road navigation, you will be perfectly prepared to venture off the beaten tracks and outmanoeuvre criminals in the extended car chases. Navigate through off-road terrain and stop perpetrators as they try to evade the law.

The new stone stacking feature provides a counterbalance to the thrilling police work and helps you to keep a clear head.

Are you ready to overcome new challenges? It‘s up to you to bring order to the chaos!


Key Features:

  • Story Mode: including new gameplay like detailed evidence check
  • Dog tracking missions
  • New police vehicle
  • Stone stacking feature
  • New accidents for free play
  • Extended car chases: it is now also possible to have a chase offroad



The world has ended! It´s time for you and your friends to get rekt while fighting against each other, other teams, or the Evil Computer in Cooperative mode or Solo Mission mode.

The story campaign contains 16 missions with a playing time of around 10 hours and tells an emotional story. Collect weapons and gear, develop your character based on your gameplay preferences, and become a leading figure in these dark times!


Key Features:

  • Post-Apo fun for multi- and singleplayers
  • Mighty map editor — make your own maps!
  • Steam workshop: up- and download new maps easily!
  • Create and tweak your custom character


Pilot Sports

More than 50 different courses and many different aircraft: Fly with an Airplane, a Jetpack, and a Hang-Glider in 2 variants, as well as a parachute. 7 different challenge types. Plus unlockable courses, where you can explore a sunny island.  Play with 8 characters and a unique soundtrack with 11 different music pieces that provide for a summerly and exotic flair.


Key Features:

  • Casual flying game for everyone!
  • Sunny, friendly and casual atmosphere
  • Perfect local couch multiplayer for the whole family!
  • Available for Nintendo Switch and Playstation 4


Autobahn Police Simulator 2

Your adventure continues in Autobahn Police Simulator 2! Now you have more options, more gameplay, more drivable cars, more Autobahn, a fully modelled police station, an exciting story campaign, etc. Prepare to go back on duty on the fastest civil roads in the world in Autobahn Police Simulator 2!

Key Features:

  • Exciting story with more than 20 missions
  • Free play: random vehicle controls, deep accident gameplay and more
  • Update your police station, your cars and your stats
  • Voice over: all dialogues feature elaborate voice-over work



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