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Release: Emergency Ambulance Simulator 2014

Today, on 28th August 2013 we finally present you the Emergency Simulator 2014.
The past months have been an exciting trial for us. Polishing Missions, tweaking the performance and upgrading the modding system to present you a unique and new experience of emergency simulation.

Now we can showcase over 40 missions on a 3x3km large city.
Explore the streets and their unique locations: 2 hospitals, many bars, restaurants and parks. Relax at the beach club or explore the many shopping opportunities at the malls.
The accidents you have to take care of, are realistic and were developed together with the local emergency forces to give you a feeling of their daily experiences.

Also, and fully for your pleasure, our modkit lets you change the world, nearly the whole game, with all its assets to your liking. We’re excited to see the ideas you’ll come up with!
Don’t be shy and post them and also give us your feedback at:

If you’re curious about the game, you can download out the German trial version at:


  1. martyn ellis says:

    when is ambulance simulator going to be released fully in the united kingdom as a english version

    1. andreasheldt says:

      At the moment we can’t say exactly, but we are preparing a lokalisation kit for translation. So we hope the game release perhaps within next 5-6 months.
      Sadly we can’t promise anything.
      But we can promise to provide you with information about the English version here on our blog as soon as possible.

      1. martyn ellis says:

        has the language kit been produced yet to get the game language in english instead of german as i am really keen to play this game but i cant really speak or understand german unfaultunatly

  2. Mr. Kolbe says:

    I current have Emergency Ambulance Simulator and was wondering if you have a version that include Ambulances from the Netherlands. Please email me if you do. Also, how to I get the newer updates if they have the Dutch the Ambulance.


    Mr. Kolbe

    1. einWikinger says:

      Hi Mr. Kolbe!

      We’re currently not planning to integrate dutch ambulance vehicles. However, we’ve shipped a modding kit with the game, so if someone is willing to take on dutch ambulances, there is everything prepared! It could be as easy as exchanging the textures/skins for the existing vehicles, which would be a really quick change. If you’ve got further questions, please leave them at !

      – Oliver

  3. Sven says:

    Could you make an app-game of ambulance simulator??

    1. andreasheldt says:

      At the moment there are no plans to make an Ambulance Simulator for mobile devices.

  4. Daniel Webster says:

    I was wondering if a release date for the UK edition/language of Emergency Ambulance Simulator 2014 has been set yet and also roughly the price? many thanks

    1. andreasheldt says:

      We would like to provide you with more information, but sadly we don’t have any information about the release of an UK version either.
      We would post further information about an English version as soon as we can.

  5. spider says:

    Is there a UK release date for ambulance simulator 2014 yet?

    1. andreasheldt says:

      I am sorry, but we still didn’t have any new information about a release in the UK.
      I will post more information about new releases here as soon as possible.

  6. Daniel says:

    Is there a UK release date yet?

    1. andreasheldt says:

      Hello Daniel,
      I am sorry. At the moment we didn’t hear something new about an English version of the game. Perhaps you can start a petition and if there are enough people who want to have an English version of the game, our partner would like to localize it in English.

      1. martyn ellis says:

        there are plenty of people that wouyld buy it and want a english version of the game it cant be that hard to produce surely as you have made a english version of the first emergency ambulance simualtor so what is to stop the company making a english version of the 2014 version in english for people

  7. Mc4nb says:

    For the demo, the “inatallieren” button is faded out and I have chosen many files to install it to, but it still does not work. Any fix?

    1. andreasheldt says:

      can you please write an email to
      And please describe the issue and attach us your dxdiag.txt.

  8. martyn ellis says:

    also is a any way of getting english british ambulance vichles into either the emergency ambulance simulator that is out now or the new 2014 edition coming out cause it would be good to see a variety of countrys and different ambulances from different countrys incorparated into the game it would make it more interesting and also more realistic affects in the way of different treatments and diagnostic tools the ambulance crew uses on a daily basis in real life as i think this would make the game far more attractive to people and people will want to play it more then and buy the game more when they that its really interesting and the game cover looks more appealing to them

  9. mca0004 says:

    I’m going to take it that the English version of this game was canceled. Which is sad because I’ve been playing Emergency Ambulance Simulator 2012 and have been enjoying it a lot. But why did you stop making it?

    1. andreasheldt says:

      although the game was localized in polish last year. Sadly the publisher of the Emergency Ambulance Simulator has no plans to localize the game in English.
      I am very sorry! 🙁

  10. Ismail says:

    I wanted to play it

  11. adam says:

    what kind of emergency calls can you get in this game?:)

    1. andreasheldt says:

      You get different emergency calls. There are simple patient transports, but also emergency calls with bluelight and also some things in between. Sadly there is no english version of the game available. 🙁

  12. Jor says:

    I’m a bit confused. Why do you announce this game in english when you don’t have a english version. Not many people speak german or not proficiant enough to play a game like this in German.

    2 years ago you mentioned something about a language pack, that it would be released in 5 – 6 months. Its 2015 now and i can’t find it, was it canceled? And why wasn’t there a english version?

    1. andreasheldt says:

      We write about and announce all our projects in english because it is an english website.

      English version of the game were sadly never done, because we never got a loca-kit from publisher. when we announced the game we had the information, that the game will also be released in english. Years after that we know that those information were simply false. But we only communicated the information we knew. I am sorry about the confusion!

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