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The final countdown to Ambulance Simulator 2014

First of all: Sorry for not updating our blog for such a long time. We are very busy with developing of “Ambulance Simulator 2014” at the moment. I hope you will enjoy the game, because we made a lot of efforts to create an interesting simulation game.
And perhaps you want to know what we also did in the last weeks and months:

  • As stated on our Facebook page, our office moved to another location within Dortmund. Now we have more place to be creative.
  • Our tower defense game “Rush on Rome” released on different platforms.Rush on Rome
    : LINK
    : LINK
    It is a challenging tower defense game. If you want a diversity from all the casual tower defence games available, this one is perfect for you. Check it out and see for yourself, and while you do, visit our Fan-Page.



  • We’re in the final development phase of “Ambulance Simulator 2014”. A simulation game in cooperation with astragon Software GmbH and sequel of “Ambulance Simulator 2012”.

Ambulance Simulator 2014
Here are some facts about the current state:

  • We made the gameplay for therapy much better than in the previous version of 2012. To ensure that, we got help from the local rescue team, who support us in medical questions and realistic gameplay about rescue service processes. All in one, we were able to improve the therapy gameplay and make it both funny and realistic.
  • We finished building the city. Our city is about 3km x 3km = 9 square km big. If it sounds not much, try to walk 3 km straight in one direction in the city or town where you live. Then turn 90 degree right or left and walk another 3 km. Is that still small? 😉
  • At the moment there are over 40 diffrent missions designed and are currently getting polished. And if our rescue missions are not enough, the game is mod-able and you can make your own missions and share them with your friends. It is also possible use your own vehicles, so you’ll be able to create your own game with our data.

As the game is nearly finished, why we don’t show you some actual screenshots from “Ambulance Simulator 2014”?




I will try to give you some more information about the final game and it’s whole development very soon. But as I said, we are very eager to finish the game.
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If you have questions or want to know specific things about the game or the development, please let us to know, so we can tell you more details you want to read about. You comment this entry or simply write an e-mail to us: