debugging, development, programming, website / May 11, 2013

Using Source Server with SVN – I18N pitfalls

So, today I started again to look into symbol servers and source server. These two tools are used to store debugging symbols for every software version you ever compile in a central repository and also attach version control information to the debugging symbols. While debugging any crashdump for any version ever released, the debugger will then automatically pull the correct source file versions from the source repository.

I’ve once before tried to get the symbol server working, but the documentation wasn’t so great and I didn’t want to waste much time on the subject. But as we’re just starting a new project I want to get things right from the beginning and learn from the mistakes made in previous projects. Plus, I found some good 3rd party set-up guides this time:

So, short story long, I’ve struggled getting the indexing for the PDBs to work. The problem was that the sourceserver SVN module expects svn.exe output to be in english, and of course my system locale is german. So, just setting the environment variable “LANG” to “C” solved the problem and I get correct indexing!