Dustwind, news / March 13, 2024

Dustwind update: “Deep Encounter” new map and more…

Greetings, survivors! Long time no see! We’ve risen from the ashes to deliver the latest news about Dustwind world. Please welcome the game update, which brings small content addition and lots of various fixes for you to enjoy the best gaming experience.

Below you can find the most important changes:

  • Added new map “Deep Encounter” in skirmish playmode
  • Added new script conditions: CheckUnitXP, CheckUnitStat, UnitHasItemEquiped, CheckPlayerMoney
  • Added new script responses: RandomSelection, AddRandomItems, AddStat,ToggleSwitch
  • Added new RandomUnitSpawner entity
  • Added condition failed responses feature to script events, which works like an ELSE branch for script events
  • Added a reason setting to the Victory script response
  • Added filters to the script debug log
  • Added special damage to damageZones
  • Added a special invisible roof tile
  • MapEditor improvement: AI list scrollview window made taller for better navigation
  • MapEditor improvement: multi-selection list now shows object position
  • MapEditor improvement: Added map warning about reusing patrol points
  • MapEditor improvement: Added a warning popup when deleting used AI definitions
  • MapEditor improvement: Added a clone button to unit definition lists
  • MapEditor BluePrint improvement: overlay now shows single wall nodes, and matches solo short straight walls
  • MapEditor fix: wave and AI name fields no longer leaking through when switching tabs
  • MapEditor fix:edge-scrolling works again
  • MapEditor fix: river width editable again
  • MapEditor fix: importing skips already existing units/dialogue. Also added a map warning if you ended up with duplicates
  • MapEditor fix: trying to paste into the void is now properly cancelled
  • MapEditor fix: copy/paste/duplicate no longer triggers when the cursor is over the editor UI
  • Fixed campaigns not starting from Skirmish UI
  • Fixed in-game cursor scaling problems at higher resolutions
  • Fixed a bug that made saving fail under certain conditions
  • Fixed being unable to pick up dropped grenades
  • Fixed highlight bug on dropped traps/grenades
  • Fixed disabled SpawnPoints resetting to enabled on round end reset
  • Fixed consumable item effect persistence, they no longer get removed on load or map travel
  • Fixed item Effects not being persistent
  • Fixed an error in defendzone AI
  • Fixed pre-placed units not being able to spend XP points
  • Fixed tutorial OK button not being translated