History in Letters – Characters

Dr. Remy Chaveau (Age: 33)

Our protagonist, a young philologist who’s just at the start of a promising career.
He’s single without further relatives and lives entirely for his work: The translation and interpretation of unusual artefacts.

In his youth Remy spent a great time with his mother, who worked at the local library, reading a lot while waiting for his father to come back home from his regular business trips to other countries.
The early death of both of them turned Remy into a very quiet, thoughtful person.

While he’s usually occupied with work he still keeps up the contact to his former professor and has a strong relationship to him.

Professor Mathis Dupont (Age: 62)

Dupont is an expert in old languages, codes and ciphers.
He built his career on a significant discovery in India many years ago and is a mentor and long-time friend of the protagonist.

At the point of the story he has already reached a certain grade of prominence in his field, and he’s well liked by his students and colleagues.

For Remy he’s like the father-figure he’s missing since the death of his father, and after Remy’s graduation they stayed friends.

Stella Morin (Age: 28)

She’s a survivalist and an adventurer.
Remy meets her later on his quest and they work together towards finding out more about Flamel’s legacy.

While Remy does not know a low about her in the beginning she proofs to be very helpful in identifying and deactivating harmful traps. She’s smart and witty, albeit a bit cynical at times.

Her real identity and motivation is not unveiled until the end, but it’s clear that something has happened in her past that made her become wary towards self-claimed “friendly” strangers.