History in Letters, website / August 18, 2014

Back from GamesCom

We are finally back from GamesCom and while our ears are still ringing we are happy to be back “at home” and back in action.

We met a lot of nice people and old and new partners alike the last days and we got the opportunity to show some of our upcoming projects and the ones we are currently working at.
Prior GamesCom we also had contacted several Adventure game based forums and platforms and with some of them we also had a quick talk.
The lovely guys from “Adventure Treff” also spared some time for us and talked with us about our game, you can take a look at their video here (starting at 0:18) and listen to their Podcast here (starting at 06:15) in which they talk about our project (German only, sorry).
There is one mistake though: The Eternal Alchemist is placed in modern day Paris, not Venice 😉
But I can’t blame them, GamesCom was very busy for all of us.

Hope you guys had a nice week in Cologne too, thanks for reading and stay tuned for our next entry!