History in Letters, news, projects / July 1, 2014

Announcement “History in Letters – The Eternal Alchemist”

Today we want to announce a project that is very dear to us here at Z-Software.
For the longest we wished to make such a game, and with a few projects off the plate we are finally able to do so.

So, what are we doing right now?
We are currently working at an adventure game called “History in Letters – The Eternal Alchemist”, the game combines classical point and click aspects with hidden object and mini game puzzles.
The game is set in modern day France and includes locations across the whole country.
The main character, Dr. Remy Chaveau, is an upcoming philologist who obtains an old book from a client, an encrypted diary.
During his attempts to decipher it one word sticks out like none other: Flamel.
Remy tries to find out more about the things described in the book and with the information from it he starts to travel across the country in hope of finding out more about Flamel and his work.

“History in Letters – The Eternal Alchemist” will be available at first for PC, Mac and Tablets, in future we might release it on other platforms too.

You might ask yourself now why we decided to have France and Flamel as a major point of our story, truth is it all started out with a fascination for Paris’ hidden catacombs and our wish to make a game surrounding this place.
Afterwards we searched for other myths and legends surrounding this city and France itself and from there on our imagination went wild.

Remy is our main character and a philologist, i.e. he basically studies literary texts and written records of any kind. He is still young compared to his mentor and other well-known people in his field; he isn’t famous yet for his work and is still at the beginning of a bigger career.
Often people would approach him in hopes of identifying a book or something similar they acquired. We wanted a logical approach to the story and how it would start, so giving him a profession like that seemed the most logical one. Making him find the book on accident without a certain background would have been silly, and making him a descendant of one of the important characters didn’t seem very appealing either.
Both ways would also have meant that Remy would have been thrown completely unprepared and with a huge lack of knowledge into the story and that was something we wanted to avoid.

We will release more background information and WIPs in future, not only about the characters but also the way we work.

More information in our project section: http://z-software.net/site/history-in-letters-the-eternal-alchemist/