business, development, news, Solar Struggle, website / June 16, 2014

Our 3D Models in the Unity Asset Store

Today we want to promote our assets in the Unity Asset Store a bit 😉
As some of you might know Unity has its own Asset Store, a place were developer and artists can upload assets of all kind that can be used in Unity.
A good chunk of these assets are 3D Models and we decided to add our models to the store so they can be used by others for their projects too.
Would be a shame to just use them for one game, wouldn’t it?

In the shop are currently 10 available packages, some of them consist of several models as a whole set, some are just one model in different versions.
Currently we have:
– spaceships
– a playground
– a campingsite
– several alpine styled houses and a chapel (with summer and winter versions, the latter has snow added)

In future we’ll upload more models, so keep an eye on our area in the Unity Asset Store and thanks for looking!