Autobahn Police Simulator update and official facebbok page

Last week an update released for both versions (PC and iOS) of Autobahn Police Simulator. Both versions got new police cars, small fixes and an update of the engine version. So the game should run faster. Further the iOS version got a lot of bugfixes and graphic improvements.

If you like to get all the information about Autobahn Police Simulator and participating in surveys, follow our official Facebook page.

History in Letters – The Eternal Alchemist – Trailer

Today we want to show you a new trailer of our adventure “History in Letters – The Eternal Alchemist”. It is an 2D adventure game with a dozen of puzzles and a story in the modern France. The philologist Remy Chaveau is on his way to solve the mystery of Nicolas Flamel.

The team of z-software created a story around the mystery of the famous alchemist Nicolas Flamel and based on some true facts.

The game will be released next week on Steam and some others digital stores.

History in Letters: the development is going on and other news

History in Letters
The project History in Letters was started years ago independently from publishers or another investors. The development was paused several because of other projects, but now the release is closer than ever before. We made several changes in the game bacuase of many reasons, but the main reason is the improvement of the game and of the story.

One of the big changes was to make another characters and include them to the game locations. Here you can see a sneak peek of a church location and one of the characters ingame. As you can see, we also added some animations to the characters and to the enviroment.

History in Letters – sneak peek of the church scene

We also tweaked some things in the story and improve some puzzles. We hope you like the changes.

Some days ago, we also created a facebook page exclusively for History in Letters. There we plan to provide you with all the news and details about the game.

Other News
Some weeks ago we released a bigger update for Autobahn Police Simulator. We improved the controls for all kind of devices, fixed some bugs and added some small features to the control settings. We also added an aditional antialiasing effect which is less nice, but much faster than the old one.

Some News

I just mentioned that we didn’t update the news on the page for a while. So here are some news what we are doing at the moment. :)

First of all we are working on a bigger project for a while. Perhaps you already read the news somewhere else. Our current project is “Autobahn Police Simulator”. This time the game is published by Aerosoft, a German publisher for simulations.

The game is a simulation of the work of Autobahn Police here in Germany. In other words the player can control the traffic, he is called to accidents and can control speed of the traffic. And of course in some cases the player pursuit some cars which try to escape. There are about 40 kilometers of highway in the game, so it takes some time to see all the game world.

The game release on the 23th July 2015 (in about four week) retail and on Steam. More information you can get on the page:

When the Steam store page go public we will post the link here or on our facebook page, too.

Furthermore we created a new package for Unity Asset Store. You can find it here.

Solar Struggle – Steam Release

Today I can write about something we have waited for so long: Solar Struggle is finally on Steam!
After four years of the first release of Solar Struggle on XBLIG and many votes and comments on Greenlight later we are finally there.

So what’s in it for you?
We want to celebrate the release of the game with you and all our supporters with improvements we made to the game. The former awards have been converted to Steam achievements, all in all you can get 37 of them now.
On top of that we added Steam achievements, trading cards, badges and other goodies to the Steam version.

But that’s not everything, we also decided to lower the price of the game to 5,99 USD permanently! So hit up Steam, buy Solar Struggle and have fun collecting achievements, trading cards and badges.
Thank you for the support and we hope you enjoy the game.

Link to the Steam store:
Link to our Solar Struggle group: Solar Struggle Facebook Page


About: Nicolas Flamel

Like mentioned in our first entry about „History in Letters – The Eternal Alchemist“, the history (and legends) about Flamel turned out to be very interesting for us.
After taking a look at the catacombs of Paris, our initial starting point of our idea for an adventure game, and finding out more and more about Flamel we were intrigued to use him in our game.

Many people might know Flamel from Harry Potter and The Philosopher’s Stone, where Flamel is actually a wizard too and owner of The Philosopher’s Stone, from which an elixir of life can be extracted.
Truth is that in the fourteenth/fifteenth century Nicolas Flamel actually lived, but the true Flamel was most likely a lot less interesting ;)

Flamel was probably born 1330 in Pontoise and died 1418 in Paris (some sources say 1413).
He was a scrivener and manuscript-seller and was married to a woman named Perenelle, who had been already married twice and brought along the wealth of these two husbands into their relationship.
While Flamel was definitely well off, since he and his wife owned several properties and were able to give money to churches and commission art regularly, he was not as rich as many legends make him out to be.

So, how did Flamel turn into this “person” many of us know nowadays?
The person who reached immortality through the Philosopher’s Stone and was also able to turn base metals into gold?
Truth is that there are no real sources hinting at Flamel having an interest in alchemy, as in actual documents from himself like his (genuine) last will.
However, during the seventeenth century a book appeared which described Flamel’s journey to “find” the Philosopher’s Stone.
According to this book Flamel had obtained a mysterious book he tried to decipher for years, after he finally managed this he found a way to create the stone and to produce gold from base metal.
Before there were already cases of people using Flamel’s name in alchemical texts, but this one actually described his ways as an alchemist.
During the years more legends were added on top of this, even though back then several people already didn’t believe the stories to be true, and nowadays Flamel is for many the “father” of alchemy and some people still claim that he’s alive, together with his wife.

While a lot of the “information“ that is out there about Flamel is most likely not true he’s still a very fascinating topic for us and hopefully also for our players.
If you want to find out more about Flamel I highly advise you to take a look at the many websites out there who try to roll up the legends about him, it’s worth a read :)