Dev Blog, news / May 14, 2021

Meet the developer: Benjamin Hemmerich

In our blog series “Meet the developer” you get the chance to learn more about our developers. In our fourth episode, our junior programmer Benni Hemmerich answered a few questions. Enjoy!


Benjamin Hemmerich (Benni)

Job title:

Junior Programmer

How long have you been working at Z-Software?

Since fall 2019

How did you come to Z-Software?

Since I have always been interested in police and loved watching Lets Plays of simulations, Z-Software was the first choice for me.

What are you working on right now?

Mainly I’m working on any features that affect the player character. Currently I’m working on an AI that will play a role in a few missions.

Which genre do you prefer in gaming?

MMORPG, Strategy and Puzzles

On which platforms do you play?

PC, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch

Which programs do you work with?

Unity Game Engine and Visual Studio

How do you spend your lunch break?

Currently I eat at my workplace while watching videos.

Why do you like working at Z-Software?

The work at Z-Software is very varied, every week there are different areas of responsibility and it just never gets boring.

What makes a work place to a enjoyable work place?

For me it is important that you can learn a lot. You should also have the opportunity to try out and to see where your personal limits are. At the end of the day, it counts that the job at the chosen workplace is fun.

Which feature in one of your games did you like the most?

So far, I like police inspections the best. Since every inspection is different, each one is fun in its own way.


Thank you for your insight, Benni!


Stay tuned for the next episode of “Meet the developer”!!!