Dev Blog, news / December 4, 2020

Meet the developer: Oliver Iking

In our brand new blog series “Meet the developer” you get the chance to learn more about our developers. In our second episode, our technical director Oliver Iking answered a few questions. Enjoy!


Oliver Iking

Job title:

Technical director

How long have you been working at Z-Software?

2008 (well, actually since somewhere around 2004!)

How did you come to Z-Software?

I am a founding member.

What are you working on right now?

At the moment, I am working on Autobahn Police Simulator 3.

Which genre do you prefer in gaming?

Action, Adventure, RPG, Racing and Strategy games

On which platforms do you play?

PC and PlayStation 4

Which programs do you work with?

Unity Game Engine and Visual Studio

How do you spend your lunch break?

I am using my lunch break for further education via Blogs/Tutorials/VOD

Why do you like working at Z-Software?

I really enjoy having a lot of personal responsibility, facing exciting challenges and working with a great team.

What makes a work place to a enjoyable work place?

Pretty much the same like I said before. 🙂

Which feature in one of your games did you like the most?

The storytelling of Autobahn Police Simulator 2


Thank you for your insight, Oliver!


Stay tuned for the next episode of “Meet the developer”!!!