news, PilotSports / January 7, 2019

Pilot Sports announced for PC

PILOT SPORTS, the frantic flying game for the whole family comes to the PC finally. The release date will be early in Q1. Experience the colourful, appealing, easy-to-learn but hard to master flying experience on your PC, enjoy the colourful island setting and relax to the atmospheric soundtrack. The sky’s the limit? NO WAY!

Please see here the product page including download links, images and press kit!

The PC will be the third platform PILOT SPORTS is available next to Nintendo Switch and Playstation 4.



Humans have dreamt of flying forever as far back as our earliest human ancestors. The dream of a fun and colorful party game allowing one to fly is not quite as old, but you can now make that dream a reality with the help of Pilot Sports. The game also has a toony feel which appeals to a wide array of players in different age groups. Anyone who’s a flying game enthusiast, along with parents seeking a game that can offer a multiplayer shared experience with their kiddos may genuinely enjoy this game.

You can ascend into the tropical atmosphere by yourself, perfecting your flying skills with the parachute and with the airplane, two types of hang gliders in addition to jetpack versions in more than 50 courses and seven types of challenges, or with a group of friends paying homage to the good ole couch co-op days, and have a really good time!

Key Features:
– More than 50 courses
– Diverse aircrafts: different airplanes, jetpacks, Hang Gliders and a parachute
– Seven different types of challenges
– BONUS: unlockable courses to explore the tropical island
– Party game for every type of player