Autobahn Police Simulator, History in Letters, news, projects, website / October 28, 2015

History in Letters: the development is going on and other news

History in Letters
The project History in Letters was started years ago independently from publishers or another investors. The development was paused several because of other projects, but now the release is closer than ever before. We made several changes in the game bacuase of many reasons, but the main reason is the improvement of the game and of the story.

One of the big changes was to make another characters and include them to the game locations. Here you can see a sneak peek of a church location and one of the characters ingame. As you can see, we also added some animations to the characters and to the enviroment.

History in Letters – sneak peek of the church scene

We also tweaked some things in the story and improve some puzzles. We hope you like the changes.

Some days ago, we also created a facebook page exclusively for History in Letters. There we plan to provide you with all the news and details about the game.

Other News
Some weeks ago we released a bigger update for Autobahn Police Simulator. We improved the controls for all kind of devices, fixed some bugs and added some small features to the control settings. We also added an aditional antialiasing effect which is less nice, but much faster than the old one.