news, projects, Ropeway Simulator, Solar Struggle, website / May 13, 2014

Long awaited update

First: Thanks to everyone who has purchased Solar Struggle in the Indie Royale Bundle, and of course also a big thank you to everyone who voted for us in Steam’s Greenlight.
We are very grateful for this and hope to achieve the desired “Greenlit” status soon, if you haven’t voted yet or have a friend who might be interested in the game to be released on Steam please take a look at our Greenlight page.

Also, did you see our new animated logo?;)

In our future games we will use this animated version of our logo, we hope you enjoy it.

However, the last months we were mostly occupied with a pretty big project which we’ve finally finished now.
Many months have passed since the first line of code was written, the first level designed, the first artwork painted and we are very happy to announce the future release of the “Ropeway Simulator 2014” (or in German: Seilbahn Simulator 2014), a game again made in cooperation with astragon Software GmbH.

The player’s main task is to build and maintain ropeways, research new ropeways and upgrades for them, buy attractions and make sure the visitors are happy and enjoy their stay. The game will be released on the 25th of June and can already be pre-ordered from Amazon here.
We will post the final cover of the game soon (the one on Amazon is currently a place-holder).

Here are a few things to expect from the game:

–          Two playable scenarios, “Summer” and “Winter”

–          Every scenario consists of 10 areas and the whole game has a whopping amount of 60 missions

–          11 available ropeways, some of them have been designed with the help of Doppelmayr, one of the world’s largest ropeway manufacturers

The game is ready for release and a new project already waiting at the horizon.
Currently we are working at a billiard game; we will soon make a longer post about this game project and show you a few more details of the design and gameplay.

Next to that we now started working at a big project that is very dear to us, an adventure game set in the wonderful country of France. A lot of us here at Z-Software are big fans of old adventure games and hope to make a game that can not only be enjoyed by old fans of the genre but also offers enough twists and new ways to make it interesting for newcomers too.
During the next few weeks we will post more information about this game, so stay tuned if you are interested in puzzles, mysteries and a thrilling story in and around the wonderful city of Paris.